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4-1260 ABDick Aerosol Spray Adhesive 17.6 oz.

ABDICK AEROSOL SPRAYS For fast, effective paste-up and key-line assembly. 17.6 oz by weight. Shipping more than 12 cans may result in an additional...


4-1262 ABDick Aerosol Anti Static Spray 13 oz.

ABDICK AEROSOL SPRAYS Prevents static build-up on metal rollers, feed and register boards, jogger belts, gripper fingers and paper. Reduces paper...


4-1264 ABDick Aerosol Silicone Spray 11 oz.

ABDICK AEROSOL SPRAYS Stops sticking, binding and assists in retarding corrosion. Major application is for paper handling in the bindery area. 11 oz...


4-1265 ABDick Aerosol Spray Ink, Antiskin 14 oz.

ABDICK AEROSOL SPRAYS Spray inside can of ink, ink fountain and ink rollers. Retards ink drying and saves press wash-up for several hours down time....


4-1266 ABDick Aerosol Spray Glass Cleaner 19.5 oz.

ABDICK AEROSOL SPRAYS Cleans camera copyboard and lenses, vacuum frame glass and stripping tables. Works in seconds without film residue. 19.5 oz. by...


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