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Tower 18-M Solvent - 5 Gallon HAZMAT SHIPPING

TOWER 18-M "For tough ink cleaning jobs, nothing can beat our 18-M SOLVENT. This jet fast drying product is a natural for typewash, blanket wash...

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Tower Colorkleen 5 Gallons

"Superior performance and a light citrus scent are just two of the outstanding features of COLORKLEEN. With remarkable ease, COLORKLEEN makes...


Tower I.P. Wash Roller and Blanket Wash - 5 Gallons

Tower Products #1 selling product. Highly effective water miscible wash will quickly remove ink and varnish with a light pleasant odor and plenty of...


Tower Press Pro 5 Gallon

TOWER - "For printers who demand the very best, PRESS PRO is the finest water miscible wash we make. PRESS PRO contains a unique package of high...


Tower Restorkleen 5 Gallon

"One of Tower's premier technology products, RESTORKLEEN is a breakthrough in roller and blanket maintenance. In fact, RESTORKLEEN will...


Tower Speedy Wash 5 Gallons HAZMAT SHIPPING

TOWER SPEEDY WASH "Used to be that if you wanted a press wash with a drying speed this fast, it had to be harsh. Not anymore! SPEEDY WASH cleans...

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