Gallon Containers

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Hurst 181 True Blue Etch Gallon

" 181 True Blue Etch - A general purpose etch recommended for use on A.B. Dick 6-4000 Series direct image plates, metal plates, electrostatic...


Hurst 230 Ink Conditioner Gallon

Ink Conditioner 230 is a versatile ink additive, in a paste form, that does the work of two or three different ink additives. It contains no wax. ...


Hurst 306 Universal Fountain Concentrate Gallon

Hurst 306 Universal Fountain Concentrate - Ideal small press fountain concentrate for all plates. This formula gives a constant pH factor over a wide...


Hurst 390 SmartPlate Fountain Solution Gallon

" 390 SmartPlate Fountain Solution - A one-step fountain solution specially formulated for use with all laser plates. Free of alcohol. Super...


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