Gallon Containers

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13042G Varn Pantheon Optima Fountain Solution 1/gal

VARN ITEM #B013042GB. Varn's newest one-step fountain solution designed to run alcohol free.


1520GB Varn Dampening System Cleaner 1/gal.

VARN ITEM #B015200GB. Superior cleaner for maintaining dampening systems. This cleaner works quickly to remove scum, slime, ink and paper debris from...


3048GB Varn Supreme 6038 Fountian Solution Gallon

" Supreme Fount 6038 is a two step fountain solution concentrate that is designed to run on CtP aqueous plates. When used with a quality alcohol...


3049GB Varn Supreme Fountain 7086 1 Gallon

VARN ITEM #B013049GB. Supreme 7086 is One-step for continuous dampeners. Contains more wetting agent to run a thinner water film vs. Optima or 606c.


3135GB Varn Super-Lene Fountain Solution 1/gal

VARN ITEM #013135GB. An all purpose "Small Press" fountain solution. Compatible with all plates and effective with all types of inks. Is...


5237GB Varn Ink Drying Stimulator 1/gal

VARN ITEM #B015237GB. A water fountain additive to speed ink drying. Works with all acid based fountain solutions. Reduces smearing and set-off....


UNPFTG Varn Universal Pink Fountain Solution 1/gal

VARN ITME #B013004GB. Formulated for "Small Presses" equipped with conventional, integrated or Kompac Automatic dampening systems. Gives...


VN6036G Varn Absolute 6036 Gallon

VARN ITEM #B013046GB. This ia an alcohol substitute designed for both continuous and integrated dapeners.


VNGUMG Varn Gum Arabic Gallon

Varn Item #B017229GB.


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