Presstek /Mark Andy

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4-4968 Glaze Remover 1 Pint

ABDICK® PRESS CLEANING SOLUTIONS Offset glaze remover works well to pull ink pigments out of rubber rollers. Weekly application helps provide...


4-4970 Ink Roller Desensitizer 1 Pint Hazmat Shipping

ABDICK® PRESS CLEANING SOLUTIONS Removes etch, fountain concentrate, ink varnishes and other impurities embedded in roller surfaces. Deep cleans...

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4-4978 Ink Roller Paste Deglazer 17 Ounce Bottle

ABDICK® PRESS CLEANING SOLUTIONS Environmentally-friendly deglazer revitalizes rubber rollers and blankets, and prevents roller stripping. Does...


4-4983 Ink Roller Cleaner 7 Ounce Bottle

ABDICK® PRESS CLEANING SOLUTIONS Environmentally-friendly, abrasive roller cleaner intended for dark-to-light color changes. Deep cleans past ink...


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